About Us

About us
What is a toy? Our vision is every life should be filled with joy and wonder. Toys are at the heart of what we do. This is why we believe selecting the right toys and accessories is very important and what we all here strive to achieve.

Our Mission
Founded in London England at the start of 2010 as an online outlet dedicated to the quirky and quality popular trending toys and accessories. Toys and Accessories Online has become a fast-growing, customer focused online store dedicated to sourcing the highest quality products so that you can relieve the load of finding the perfect toy and let us do that for you.

If you are worried that as we are based in England you may not be able to order, we can in fact take orders from all over the world, but the BEST bit is that almost all the products (95% of them) we can ship WORLDWIDE for FREE, that is over 180 countries. It is our mission to remove the boundaries and open up the world to the best toys and accessories so that everyone can enjoy them. Even though we have grown fast since our early, humble beginnings, we are still dedicated to providing quality customer service and the best products. We love toys and we are passionate about sourcing the latest and great gadgets and accessories to leave great lasting memories for everyone involved.