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The Best Parts of Morty's Mind Blowers

If you're a fan of Rick and Morty, there's a pretty good chance that you've done your fair share of flipping through inter-dimensional cable. The conceit of intergalactic channel surfing was a staple on the show for its first two seasons, but are you ready for Morty's Mind Blowers? 

1. It's basically an unreleased clip show

Best Things About Rick and Morty Ep. 8: Morty's Mind Blowers

What's better than a multiverse's worth of funny TV and movie parodies? Unreleased clips of funny TV and movie parodies. After Morty asks Rick to wipe his memory following an encounter with a truth tortoise, Rick introduces Morty to a chamber of stored memories that Morty relives (for some reason).



We watch Morty cause the deaths of a guidance counselor he thought he saw on the moon and a Floop Floopian alien warrior who questions his entire religion after Morty's incessant prodding. We watch Morty's family laugh at him while he's coughing up a space bug that's possessed his body and Beth hastily choose Summer over Morty when faced with death by an alien overlord. We watch Morty experience "true level" only for him to fall to his knees in tears when the real world feels crooked. 

There's plenty of good mini-ideas in here that I'm sure the series will fall back on in the future. I wonder what's gonna happen to the two scientists Rick and Morty left behind in that alien animal tank.      

2. Rick's insecurities 


It turns out that over the course of the series, Rick's not as perfect as we thought he was. The memories are color coded (blue for Morty's mistakes, red for Rick's, purple for the family, etc), a lesson Morty realizes when he sees that Rick erased a moment where he cut open an animal tonton-style to survive an icy night that never actually came. He also erased a moment where he botched the phrase "take things for granted" by saying "granite" instead. In a season that's been showing new sides of Rick, the sides where he's wrong and not ahead of everyone else are still fairly rare. He clearly has an image that he wants to keep up in Morty's head.  

3. Squirrels


One mini-story involves Morty being able to hear animals talking ala Dr. Doolittle, but it becomes a burden once Morty realizes that the squrriels are planning government coup de tats. The squirrels get wise to Morty being able to hear them, and they descend on Rick's garage to the point where he and Morty have to pack up and move to yet another different dimension. More proof I needed that squirrels are truly evil. 

4. Summer's thankless job 


After Morty attacks Rick for literally playing with his mind, both he and Rick have their minds erased and are forced to relive all the fucked up memories they had removed. Unable to accept that much of his life is stored away in tubes, Morty tries to commit suicide and Rick decides to make it a pact. Summer walks in on them both in what they previously agreed was a "stage four" scenario that she fixes by knocking them both unconscious and using two memory tubes to reset their brains to think they fell asleep during an inter-dimensional cable marathon.


Summer scoffing at Rick and Morty while they gripe about missing the marathon was a sobering moment, considering that Summer could've just left the two of them to die and that Summer actually holds a great deal of power over our two main characters. That's what we call character development.


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