The 7 Best Wing Eyeliner Hacks Out!!

Easy Eyeliner Hacks Everyone Should Try- They'll be the wind beneath your wings. We asked our Community to tell us about the best eyeliner hacks they've ever tried. Here are some useful tips that actually work:

7. Figure out what works best for your eye shape.

how to do eyeliner

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"Practice for your eye shape. Different shapes look better with different looks (even though everyone looks great no matter what — you do you, boo). Drawing the line from your bottom lash line to the end of your eyebrow and then filling in has always been the best trick. Flawless winged eyeliner every damn day." —Kateri O'Hare, Facebook

6. Start with your challenging eye. winged liner

"Do the harder eye first! Then it's easier to match the other eye." —Adele Jayde, Facebook

5. Get the perfect wing by connecting the dots.

how to do a cat eye

"I get the angle of the wing right by holding my liner at the corner of my lip and aligned with the edge of my nose and then pressing down lightly with the brush/point to mark the angle. Then I connect the mark to the corners of my eye and it works every single time." —Lauren Nayman, Facebook

4. Draw the wings first, and the rest will follow.

eyeliner tips "I always use pen eyeliners because I think of it like a marker. Start with the wing! Then, use a cotton swab to make them even. Just fill in the triangle shape after that. Also, I tend to do better when I don't put a lot of pressure on myself for it to be perfect. If you psych yourself out, you'll be too nervous to draw a straight line."—Brillian Qi-Bell, Facebook

3. Use a piece of paper to achieve a straight line.

waterproof eyeliner "I take a piece of thicker paper (thicker than regular paper but thinner than a credit card) and line it up with the corner of my eye and angle it where I want my wing to go. Then I take my eyeliner and draw my line while pressing down on the paper: straight line every time!" —sierrav

2. Concealer > makeup remover when it comes to perfecting your wing. "Don’t erase all that work with water or makeup remover! Concealer and a Q-tip are like a magic eraser when it comes to big black smudges!" —kassandraannw

1. The best thing since slice bread when it comes to wing hacks.

how to apply eyeliner

You should never ask a woman with winged liner why she’s late… As every makeup addict knows, the eyeliner flick is a fickle beast – until, that is, you’re armed with The Vamp Stamp’s ingenious eyeliner innovations. This is a fool-proof tool gunning for world domination. Heralding the end of cat-eye catastrophes and feline flick fiascos, you simply ink it up and stamp it on for perfect, uniform flicks in two seconds flat.

how to do winged eyeliner eyeliner stamp

If you want to learn more about wing eyeliner, please follow our blog for updates. We have numerous eyeliner ideas and some we have seen on the net seem bad eyeliner, so we want to warn you to keep away. We will be featuring more winged liner, how to do eyeliner and how to do cat eyes in the very near future. Eyeliner wing, how to do winged eyeliner.

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